Architectural Design Services

Our services in designing and adapting homes for individuals has been developed out of many years’ experience. We have been privileged in working with some truly challenging circumstances where a key component for a better life is both suitable and bespoke accommodation. We have worked with individuals with a whole range of disabilities including spinal and brain injuries and we fully understand a project is more than just bricks and mortar.
The process of good design requires excellent communication and thus working closely with all those involved, this may often include the Client, the instructing Lawyer or Deputy or Trustees, Case Manager, an Adaptations Occupational Therapist, plus other consultants and specialist suppliers.

Improving Independence through Design

Essential to design, is the detail. Improving independence and creating accessible home environments are often key elements in the design. The careful consideration of space, layout and specific facilities and fittings form part of this design and specification process. We will work with you and your advisors to develop design ideas, from which a final proposal will be developed.

Our architectural services include

Our architectural design services can be tailored to suit your needs. Alternatively we can provide you with comprehensive design and inspection services from inception to completion of the adaptation works.

We are always working to be creative in our designs

Let work together, to develop effective designs and solutions to meet your needs.

Typical Architectural Services include

Detailed design, planning and specification
Obtaining contractors tenders and preparing a Building Contract
Contract Administration, inspection and dealing with payments and construction accounts & VAT