Covid-19 Unusual times May 2020

The world is changing, so what will be the new normal especially in the months ahead ? When it comes to our services in adapting homes for serious disabilities or visits for expert reports we have to consider the level of vulnerability of those persons we need to meet. This is going to call for a greater use of technology and precautions in face to face meetings where these meetings are necessary. I see the need for balanced but precautions approach, that still ensures good communication. I am very mindful that more often than not, our client group as potentially at a higher level of vulnerability to this virus, so protecting them is of key importance.

Disability adaptations require a very high level of communication both through the design phase, but also throughout the construction phase. Achieving this is a key factor in achieving a successful project. Ensuring good communication with employers, case managers, occupational therapist, lawyers, deputies, family, contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors, engineers, consultants, statutory providers and local authority departments etc, are as 'essential as laying foundation and building the physical works'. There are challenges ahead, but us surveyors and the other professionals involved, have always been very adaptable to new situations and even if this one is unprecedented, we have confidence in achieving our objectives, even if it through new and evolving ways.

Employers and contractors are bound together by a building contract during the construction phase. There are issues evolving and to evolve, as to how construction sites will be managed differently, including social distancing implications, improved welfare, cleaning and site health and safety generally. There are also implications on the supply chain and it is plausible to anticipate some foreseeable delays in delivering construction projects. Its important to consider and discuss these potential implication and allow for these, when preparing the building contract, this is likely to result in a smoother project with less disputes.

The world in changing in many ways, the new normal will evolve and we will adapt to new ways of working, that is likely to affect most professional services and industry, commerce and beyond. 

Prepared by:-
David Alcock MRICS
Principal - DMA Associates.
May 05, 2020